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Oil Boiler ServiceAn oil boiler service should be carried out annually to make sure your boiler remains safe, reliable and efficient. Leaving an oil boiler for long periods of time without a service can cause “sooting up” which can result in increasing fuel consumption, decreased reliability and higher repair costs. Even more worrying is without a regular oil boiler service, you boiler will not be checked to ensure it is not producing deadly carbon monoxide.

What’s included in an oil boiler service?

An oil boiler service is designed to make sure your boiler is running at optimum performance and is safe. Our engineers check the following as part of your service:

  • They will ask you if you have experienced any issues with the boiler and start the boiler to ensure it is working correctly
  • A visual inspection of the boiler will be undertaken to make sure it complies with current regulations
  • The engineer will check the pipe supplying oil to your boiler for any sign of leakage
  • The oil filters will be replaced or cleaned and the oil tank will be checked for presence of water
  • The flue will be inspected and cleaned
  • Combustion will be checked with a flue gas analyser
  • The boiler casing will be removed and internal components such as the heat exchanger and burner will be cleaned. Usually the oil nozzle will be replaced and, if required, the flexible hose
  • Safety systems such as thermostats, pressure relief valves and burner lock out devices will be tested to ensure they are functioning correctly

A typical oil boiler service should take somewhere in the region an hour and will leave you rest assured that your boiler is safe and in good working order.

Get your oil boiler service booked today and make sure you have an efficient, safe and reliable oil boiler for the long term.

We pride ourselves in giving all our customers a high quality, professional service. We would love to hear from you to discuss any of your requirements or alternatively please complete the form below.

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